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Tiny cabins are extremely popular. More baby boomers and millennials are choosing to live in tiny houses and cabins. Living in a tiny cabin can be difficult, but the payoff is they are often built mortgage free. Some people want a tiny cabin in the woods so they have a place to vacation, hunt or fish. Others just like the idea of living a simple life.

When most people think about living in a tiny cabin, the first thing they think of is building or buying a tiny house. The problem with many pre-made tiny houses is they cost a small fortune. In fact, many of the most popular tiny home builders charge as much for a tiny house or cabin as a real house costs. One way to build a tiny cabin is to buy a shed!

No one wants to live in a shed, but a prebuilt or custom-made shed can be easily made into a tiny cabin or house. One of the many reasons you should consider buying a shed instead of buying or building a cabin yourself is because buying a shed is often more economical. Here at Esh’s Storage Building, we buy wood, nails, siding and windows in bulk and are buildings are priced right. Another reason to buy a shed is because they are pre-made and you can save time.

Many people turn sheds into cabins. They stop by the lot, pick out a shed and have it delivered. At that point, many people start spending the night in them while they are working on the inside. Many people add cabinets, wood stoves and even a bathroom to their shed. We sell Nature’s Head Composting toilets so having a bathroom, even if the cabin is off grid, is relatively easy.

When we build custom sheds that we know will be turned into a tiny cabin, we will build a loft, which gives the owner added sleeping or storage space.

From custom windows and doors to knotty pine interiors, a lot can be done to turn a shed into a tiny cabin. I built a cabin that is nothing more than a glorified shed and I have under $5,000 into the shed.

Are you dreaming of having a tiny cabin to live in off the beaten path? Come talk to us. Turning a plain Jane shed into the tiny cabin of your dreams can be done without breaking the bank.

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