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Everyone dreams of having a cabin on the lake or in the woods where they can relax for the weekend and have fun with friends and family. One thing that prevents many people from having the cabin of their dreams is they think the cabin will cost a small fortune. That doesn’t have to be the case. The easiest solution is buying an Amish cabin.


There are several reasons an Amish cabin is the perfect cabin for many people. For starters, an Amish cabin can be delivered to your property instead of built on site like most buildings. This can save time, money and headaches. A contractor isn’t always needed. Hiring workers isn’t always necessary either. As a result, many headaches can be eliminated. When you purchase a pre-made Amish cabin, you prepare a sight location for the building and it gets delivered and you are done. If you need a building site prepared, Esh’s can be hired to do that for you.


One thing people like about buying a pre-made Amish cabin is they can buy a small cabin that is perfect for their location. A small weekend retreat is often what people are looking for. Amish cabins can be pre-made to have several rooms, a bathroom, living area and kitchen. For those who are handy, a shell can be delivered and the owner can finish the inside how they want it.


Here at Esh’s Storage Barns, we build several buildings. One thing many of our customers do to maximize space in their Amish cabin is have us put a loft in the cabin. Having a cabin with a loft provides a place for people to sleep or a place to store gear.


One advantage of having a custom made Amish cabin built is it can be designed how you want it. Rustic siding is very popular with people. We can build a cabin with board and batten siding, log siding or vinyl siding if the customer is looking for a more modern look.


Our customers often put their Amish cabins off the beaten path where plumbing is not an option. Here at Esh’s, we sell Nature’s Head Composting toilets that don’t require plumbing or electricity. Just because a cabin is off grid, doesn’t mean an out house is needed. The best thing about buying an Amish cabin is we deliver it to your location. You can go from no cabin to having the cabin of your dreams literally overnight. If you want a large cabin built on site, we can do that too. BY TRACY BREEN

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