Pool Houses and Extra Storage!

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Summer is coming and it won’t be long before everyone will want to be swimming in the backyard pool. I remember the moment we walked through our house for the first time and realized it had a backyard pool. We dreamed of weekend pool parties, lots of kids swimming around, and hotdogs on the grill. The thing we never considered is where all those kids would go the bathroom when they needed to change their clothes or go potty. All the kids end up in the bathroom in the house. Between the backyard pool and the bathroom is a steady stream of pool water, not to mention damp towels, sandals and pool toys.


The easiest way to fix this problem is to build a pool house. The easiest way to build a pool house is to buy a shed from Esh’s Storage Barns. Esh’s has several locations throughout Pennsylvania including Chambersburg and Newburg. We also deliver sheds to some towns in Maryland. Hagerstown is one place we often deliver to.


Turning a shed into a pool house isn’t very difficult. We sell buildings that come already decked out and fit perfectly in a well manicured yard. Some of our customers customize the inside of the building so they have a bar for serving food and drinks, a changing room and a bathroom.


If plumbing is an issue, we sell Nature’s Head composting toilets. A composting toilet can operate without electricity. With one of these toilets, the kids can go to the bathroom without stepping inside the house. Many people who purchase a composting toilet hook it up to a solar panel and a small battery. It isn’t necessary, but it helps the toilet break everything down into compost much quicker.


A pool house is a great place to store pool toys, solar covers, winter pool covers and everything in between. Let’s face it: pools are a lot of work. Between pumps, covers, toilets, and toys, there are many accessories required! A pool house can keep it all contained in one building. One of the nicest things about purchasing a pool house from Esh’s is they can deliver it prebuilt. Very little work is need to prepare your backyard for the building. Esh’s offers small buildings, large buildings, and everything in between. A pool house is a great investment for anyone with a backyard pool.

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