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One thing every home should have on their property is a garden shed. There are many reasons home owners should own a garden shed. A few of those reasons are listed below.

A garden shed can keep all of your garden tools and equipment out of the weather. A lawnmower left outside quickly gets rusty and doesn’t perform as well as a lawn mower kept out of the weather. The same can be said of a rototiller, a shovel and other equipment you use in a garden. Hand tools including shovels, garden hoes and lawn mower will last longer and perform better when they are stored in a garden shed. Snow, rain, ice and sun can take a toll on equipment.

A garden shed is useful to keep your tools and gadgets in one location. If I had a dollar for every time I have looked for a lost tool, I could probably take a month long vacation. When everything is organized and kept in one place, working in the garden or the yard is much more enjoyable.

A garden shed can be used to start plants. Starting vegetable plants in a shed with a grow light during the late winter is easy to do and will give you a jump start on the growing season. Some people like to start their plants in their house. By doing it in a shed, you are keeping all the dirt and debris out of your house and in the shed. Serious gardeners should consider buying a garden shed that comes with a greenhouse roof. Here at Esh’s, we offer shed roofs that are made of glass so your garden can double as a green house.

Consider whether you want to install a sink in your shed. Many people fail to think about this but it is a great option. Installing a utility sink and attaching a garden hose to the sink provides a place to wash your hands and easily water plants and vegetables growing in the shed.

If your garage is packed full and you need a place to store your garden tools and lawnmower, consider buying a garden shed.

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