Why hunt from a blind?

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Redneck hun ting blindsHere in Chambersburg, we are one of the largest retailers of hunting blinds. We have hunting blinds that sit on the ground, tower blinds, and octagon blinds. We have blinds that are 4x4, 4x6 and 6x6. All of our blinds can be purchased with or without stands. Below are a few reasons why more deer hunters are purchasing deer blinds.

The average hunter is older than ever before. As we age, being able to hunt without being uncomfortable becomes more important. Young hunters don’t mind sitting in a small treestand for hours on end; older hunters on the other hand, have been there and done that and don’t want to do it anymore. When hunting from a tower blind, you can bring a heater, a comfortable chair and a book or magazine. Sitting all day during the rut isn’t out of the question when you are comfortable. Another reason more hunters are hunting from a manufactured hunting blind is because they can hunt in any weather. When it is raining and snowing outside, most hunters end up staying home and watching TV. If you have a good deer blind, you can hunt in any weather. Deer still move when it is wet and cold. The more time a hunter spends in the woods, the better odds he has of success.

Hunting from a warm deer blind can increase your odds of success. More hunters realize that if they want to get their kids and grandkids into hunting, they need to make it enjoyable. Kids don’t want to sit still for hours. Kids don’t want to be cold for hours. Kids want to be able to stay busy even if they are deer hunting. A deer blind allows kids to move around, eat snacks without being busted by a buck, and allows them to read or play games. If you are interested in taking your kids or grandkids hunting, invest in a deer blind. It will make taking a kid hunting enjoyable for you and the child.

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