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In the last decade, people are starting to realize that there are many advantages to living tiny. By living tiny, I mean living in a tiny house. Most Americans have a lot of stuff, a lot of debt, and a lot of stress. Living in a tiny house can’t fix all of your problems in life, but it can fix some of the problems listed above.

Many Americans are drowning in debt because they have a large house payment. Many people who live in a tiny house don’t have a mortgage on the house. This can reduce stress and allow the home owner to save more money for retirement.

The smaller the house, the less room there is for clutter. Most people who move into a tiny house sell most things that they don’t use, giving them extra spending money and helping them declutter their life.

One problem is tiny home builders often charge a premium for tiny homes. Yes, the typical tiny house costs much less than a traditional home but they often cost a lot of money. One way to save money on a tiny house is to have a shed builder build you a shed that can be converted into a tiny house.

Over the last several years on Facebook and Instagram, I have seen many clever people turn a simple shed into a glorious tiny house. Many tiny houses are less than 250 square feet; many sheds are about the same size. Many tiny houses have a loft for sleeping; many sheds are built with a loft. The shed loft can easily be converted into a sleeping area. Sheds are often built with classy looking windows and eye catching roof lines that make them look more like a house than a shed. This makes turning a shed into a tiny house extremely simple because the shell is ready to go. All you have to do is trick out the inside.

One of the greatest reasons to turn a shed into a tiny house is because if you buy a shed and do the majority of the interior finish work yourself, you can have a finished tiny house for a fraction of what it would cost if you had a tiny house builder build you a house. How much less? My tiny cabin cost about $5,000. Building one for less than $10,000 can be done easily. For $20,000, you could have a tiny mansion.

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