Horse Barns

We have been providing quality horse barns for several decades. As horse and livestock owners, we understand what owners of horses and livestock need in a barn. We can build you the barn of your dreams. Some people simply need a functional building that will keep their animals out of the weather. Others want a barn that looks classy, has road appeal, and is built to house a large number of animals. Here at Esh’s Storage Barns, we can build you whatever you need or want in a livestock barn.

Monitor Horse Barns
A monitor barn has become extremely in recent years because a monitor barn is eye catching and extremely functional. The monitor barn shown in this picture is built in the traditional board and batten style that people love. Our board and batten horse barns are made with the highest of quality lumber and built to last. The inside of these barns can be customized to your liking. Most often a monitor barn is made up of several stalls for horses or livestock and a tack room to store all of your saddles and accessories.

A Roomy Loft
Best of all, our monitor barn comes with an incredible loft where hay or other farm items can be stored. This large roomy area could even be made into an apartment for someone who wants to live the simply life. Whether you have one or two horses or need a barn to store your favorite tractor, a monitor barn would look great on any piece of property.

Steel and Vinyl are Options
If the idea of maintaining wood scares you, we can custom build you a steel building or a vinyl-sided barn upon request.

Roof Options
Most people prefer a monitor barn with a steel roof. Steel provides a classic look that never grows old. A shingled roof is also an option. If you love your horses and livestock as much as we do, you will want to provide them with a high quality barn that will keep them warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. The monitor barn will do that. Give us a call today so we can answer any questions you may have about monitor barns.

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