Value Line (Better)

Value Line Esh Sheds
  • Flooring: Not Treated
  • Wall Studding: 16" O.C.
  • Siding: 5/16"
  • Roof: OSB with Felt Paper
  • Metal Roof: Optional

The Esh’s Value line shed is built on 4x4 pressure treated lumber. In addition to the pressure treated lumber, we build 2x4 floor joists that are 16 in the center. We put plywood over the top of that. By building our sheds with pressure treated 4x4 lumber and 2x4 floor joists, we are able to offer a floor that is durable and long lasting.

The sidewalls and frame of the roof of the value line are built out of 2x4’s with 16 in the center, adding extra strength. Many sheds are built with 2x3’s in an effort to cut cost. By using 2x4’s, the structural integrity of our sheds is strong.

The walls on the Value line come with 10 foot siding instead of 8 foot siding, which is standard on most sheds. By offering a 10 foot wall, there is no overlap on the gable ends. The studs on the side walls are 16 in the center, adding extra strength and durability to the structure.

The walls of our economy line are built out of T-111 LP SmartSide that receives primer and two coats of paint. Before painting our buildings, we seal every nail hole to ensure moisture does not penetrate into the wood. This unique board is built to fight against termites and rot. Our walls come with a 5-50 year pro-rated limited warranty.

We use Miratec trim on all of our sheds, which provides a smoother finish and a better seal than standard wood trim. It also helps keep water out.

We use a GAF architectural shingle that is pleasing to the eye and built to last. Our shingles comes with a prorated lifetime guarantee. Underneath the shingles on the Value Line sheds, we have a layer of felt paper.

The Value Line is built for the customer who wants a shed that is a step up from a run-of-the mill shed storage barn.