Silver Line Series (Best)

Silver Line Series Esh Sheds
  • Flooring: Treated
  • Wall Studding: 16" O.C.
  • Siding: 5/16" w/ Radiant Heat Barrier
  • Roof: OSB TecShield w/ Felt Paper
  • Metal Roof: Optional

Our Silver Line shed is our top-of-the-line shed that comes standard with many extra features not available on other models. The shed is built on 4x4 pressure treated lumber. In addition to the pressure treated lumber, we have pressure treated 2x4 floor joists that are 16 in the center. The floor is a pressure-treated SmartFloor that resists rot. By building our sheds with pressure treated 4x4 lumber and pressure treated 2x4 floor joists, we are able to offer a floor that is durable and long lasting. The floor comes with a 5-50 year pro-rated limited warranty.

The sidewalls on the value line and the frame of the roof is built out of 2x4’s with 16 in the center, adding extra strength. Many sheds are built with 2x3’s in an effort to cut cost. By using 2x4’s, the structural integrity of our sheds is strong.

The walls on the Silver line come with 10 foot siding instead of 8 foot siding, which is standard on most sheds. By offering a 10 foot wall, there is no overlap on the gable ends. The studs on the side walls are 16 in the center, adding extra strength and durability to the structure.

The roof of the Silver Line come with a LP radiant heat barrier, which keeps the shed cooler in the summer. Vinyl siding is available when purchasing a Silver Line building. When purchasing a building with vinyl siding, the walls are also built with a LP radiant heat barrier in place.

We use a GAF architectural shingle that is pleasing to the eye and built to last. Our shingles comes with a prorated lifetime guarantee. The roof on the Silver Line storage building comes with a LP radiant heat barrier under the shingles.

The Silver Line is a top notch storage building that anyone would be proud to have on display in their yard.