A Shed Can Be Much More Than a Shed

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Twenty years ago, if you bought a shed, you put it in your backyard and stored the riding lawn mower and a few other tools in it. That was the only purpose of the shed. Things have changed over the last twenty years. Below are three things you can do with a shed other than storing tools in it.


1. Many people are turning sheds into tiny homes and cabins. I turned a shed into a cabin over ten years ago. It is basically a bunkhouse for my family when we go up north to hunt and vacation. Many people are now turning sheds into tiny homes. A shed with a loft provides a place to sleep while the main level can be used as a living area, a bathroom and a kitchen.


2. Guys love having a man cave; a place to hang out with their buddies, shoot pool and hang their mounted animals. Sometimes there isn’t space for such a place in their home or their spouse doesn’t like the idea of a deer looking at them while they hang out in the living room. A large shed can easily be used as a man cave: a place where the guys can go hang out.


3. A shed can also be used as an office, a sewing room or a kid’s play area. Here at Esh’s Sheds, our sheds are built to last, look great and can be used for a variety of activities. If you are in need of a little extra space at your home but don’t want the added expense of adding on an addition to your home, consider purchasing a building from us.

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