Custom Sheds

Here at Esh’s Storage Barns, we build custom sheds. Sure, you can pull into our lot and purchase a standard 10x12 shed that is painted blue and ready to be delivered to your backyard. If you need a shed tomorrow morning, buying a shed that is currently on our lot is a great option. On the other hand, if you want something special or out of the ordinary, we are custom shed builders and we can build you a shed just how you want it. Below are a few of the custom features we get asked about most.

Yes, we can build a shed and paint or stain it almost about any color of the rainbow. If you want your custom shed to have a custom paint job, we can do that. Many of our customers want a shed that matches the color of their house perfectly in every form and fashion. If this is something you want to do, we can do that. We regularly custom build sheds that look almost exactly like the house they are sitting next to.

Because we are custom shed builders, we can also build a shed almost about any size you want. For example, some people want a storage building that also has a small room for storing horse tack or they want a small room that can be used as a bathroom. Those are both requests that can be easily accomplished. Some of our customers want gutters, large windows and the inside of their shed finished so it looks nice on the inside. Some people want a weird sized shed so they can fit a large tractor or farm equipment in it. We can do that.

More women are wanting a backyard shed that is designed and built with them in mind. Many are calling this a She Shed. A she shed is often a cross between a greenhouse, a garden shed and a place to read a book. We can build a she shed. They are often built with greenhouse type windows in the top of them so plants can grow and are painted bright colors. If a she shed is what you have in mind, we can build that.

Some people want to turn a shed into a dog kennel with several dog runs. We can build that. The point is Yes... Esh’s can! If you can dream it, we can build it. We are custom shed builders and we deliver our sheds all over Pennsylvania and in Maryland. Over the last several years we have been delivering more sheds to the Hagerstown, Maryland area. If you need a custom shed, please give us a call or stop by. We will walk you through the process of having a custom shed built.