TUSCA "Archer" Hunting Blind

  • Starting at: $3,799.00

Introducing the Archer built with our patented technology - our premier blind specifically designed for archery enthusiasts but versatile enough to use with guns and crossbows.

Insulation: In 20 degree weather, The Archer heated to 55 degrees in an hour with only a candle inside.

Premium Construction: The blind is made with high-density EPS covered with over 100 pounds of with our patented coating making it ultra durable. Neither of which decompose or rot.

Silent Windows: The glass hinge windows have tinted glass for excellent visibility and to prevent game from seeing inside. No sliding friction noises and sound dampening material surrounding the entire window for whisper quiet operation.
Size: The Archer (5x6 and 6x6) can comfortably accommodate two adults.

Height: The Archer has an 84" gabled roof, allowing taller hunters to stand inside the blind comfortably.

Seamless: The blind is constructed completely seamless, keeping out wasps, hornets, and other unwanted guests.

Arrives fully assembled: Saves hours on set up time compared to other hard-sided blinds.

Weight: To our knowledge, The Archer is the lightest weight hard-sided archery blind on the market, weighing just 310 pounds (5x6 model). Half the weight of traditional blinds.

Sound Dampening: Stay at ease knowing the high density foam construction provide incredible sound dampening, keeping you (and perhaps children or grandchildren) quiet.
Invest in the Archer for the ultimate hunting experience. 

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled insulation - In 20° weather, heats to 55° with a single candle in one hour
  • Patented construction - High-density EPS with polyurea coating for lifelong durability
  • Aluminum frame windows featuring tinted glass and silent hinge operation
  • Seamless design effectively keeps out wasps, bugs, and rodents
  • Lifetime comfort - Premium materials resistant to rotting, fading, and decomposition
  • RV-style insulated door with reliable locking mechanism
  • Lightweight - less than half the weight of traditional wooden blinds
  • Convenient - arrives fully assembled and hunt-ready
  • Confidence in quality - backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Multi-blind discounts available for cost savings

Prices  / Sizes:

5' X 6' Archer Blind - $3799
6' X 6' Archer Blind - $3999

Towers Available:

5’ and 10’ metal towers available at additional costs of $699 and $899

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