Outdoor Chairs

  • Starting at: $249.00

Enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful and comfortable Adirondack, Appalachian, Cumberland or fan chair!  These are great additions to your yard, deck or patio and have many color and style options.  

Call (717) 262-4004 for additional options, colors and details.    

 Chair Standard Colors Tropical Colors Premium & Wood Grain Colors
Folding Adirondack Chair
$275.00 $275.00 $329.00
Appalachian Chair
$300.00 $315.00 $337.50
Folding Appalachian Chair
$300.00 $315.00 $337.50
Folding Appalachian Chair 
w/ Bearings at Pivot Points
$330.00 $345.00 $367.50
Cumberland Arm Chair
Low Back 
Cumberland Arm Chair
Fan Balcony Chair
Fan Chair
Fan Swivel Bar Chair
Royal Dining Chair w/ Arms

Standard Colors:
Black, blue, patriot blue, bright white, cardinal red, cherrywood, cedar, dark gray, light gray, tudor brown, weatherwood, turf green.

Tropical Colors:
Aruba blue, powder blue, bright orange, ivory, lemon yellow, bright red, pink, tropical lime, purple.

Premium Colors (These colors have a textured surface and a faux wood grain throughout each board):
Antique mahogany, driftwood gray, birchwood.

We will mix any of the above colors to create your own personal masterpiece!