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Rent-To-Own Available on:

  • pergulas
  • gazebos
  • chicken coops
  • dog kennels
  • adirondack chairs
  • swing sets
  • sheds up to $9,500.00
  • horse barns up to $9,500.00

(Not available on any building that needs to be dismantled to be removed, or grills.)

36 payments total, no credit check.

Last 3 payments required for Deposit.


Please contact our office directly if interested in this option:

Chambersburg Sales Lot
1421 Lincoln Way East
Chambersburg, PA

Site Prep Services - Allow us to prep the site for you!

Our skilled Amish craftsmen will come to the area where you would like your shed and level the ground, add pavers, create the proper foundation and more. Let’s discuss this customizable option to save you time and work before your Original Esh Shed arrives.

Do it yourself!

The customer is responsible for a level pad accessible with truck and trailer.  We recommend removing 4-6" of top soail and fill in with crushed limestone.  Make pad approximately 2' larger than the shed.  We recommend using laser transit to ensure pad is level.  To minimize settling, pad should be compacted or prepared in advance to allow natural settling.  Our buildings are designed to set on a solid stone base.  The use of blocks is highly discouraged.


Easy set-up with delivery right to your prepared site!


Five year warranty comes standard on every building starting in 2014.  This warranty covers any defects in manufacturing, roof leaking and workmanship.  This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or failure to properly maintain your building.  Warranty is void if building is placed on improper foundation.

We Move Sheds!

Our experienced team of Amish Craftsmen will move your shed for you, for any reason. We will handle your old shed with the same amount of care as we do our brand new structures. 
  • We can move it to a new property if you’re changing residences or would like to gift your older shed to a family member or friend.
  • We can move your shed to a new location on your current property if you’ve decided to upgrade, but want keep the old one.
  • We can remove your shed when we deliver a new one to your home or business.
Pricing varies based on the difficulty and distance of the move. Please call us to set up this service.

Trade-In...Trade Up!

Trade In, Trade Up

Have an old shed sitting on your property you want to get rid of? Give us a call to come appraise it, move it and trade it in for a bigger, better, newer, Esh Shed.
No shed is too shabby. We’ll gladly haul away sheds you’ve bought from other companies that just don’t last. 
We pride ourselves in building the finest Amish Storage Structures and we can’t wait to upgrade yours today by calling 717-262-4004!